iptrac is an IP enforcement database that processes all the data for you so you can simply sit back and look at the big picture.

An intelligence map literally connects the dots between networks of infringers across the world. This helps you prioritize the key locations, producers and organizers to act against next.

The dots are connected in other ways too. As soon as data are inputted, statistics for seizures and budget management are automatically generated. The bar charts, pie charts and graphs can be downloaded to include in performance reports.

In addition to cases, iptrac manages powers of attorney, authority training and Customs recordals.

Users don’t need to log in to receive and reply to messages. Once the first email notification on a case is sent, future email exchanges are automatically recorded on the database. This means you no longer need to file your emails – you can just delete them.

Or if you prefer, you can switch off your email notifications and manage your enforcement program entirely within the database.

Used to manage thousands of actual cases over the course of 10 years, iptrac has been incrementally improved and crafted into a tool that is practical for both the Brand Owner and Service Provider.

To free up the time of the Brand Owner, the Service Provider is able to enter all the data. While the Brand Owner has the power to view and edit everything, Service Providers can rest assured that their cases and data cannot be viewed by other Service Providers.

Only the most useful data fields have been included to ensure that reports can be filled out quickly. And the data is structured and presented in a way that makes iptrac a pleasure to use.

To connect the dots, contact info@iptrac.global